The Golden Pearl Kingdom 


Kelly Wills is the Owner of Kelly Wills School of Dance located in Eufaula, Alabama.

In 2009 she wrote a ballet for her students to  perform for their Recital. 

The Ballet was called "The Golden Pearl Kingdom".  

"The Golden Pearl Kingdom" is now the first in a series of  adventures under the sea. 

The main characters were inspired by her daughter and granddaughters.

Pamela, Jorja and Addison's images are the faces of the main characters, Pamarinia, Jorjenia, and Addarinia.  Amanda and Alexis Wills (daughter-in-law and granddaughter)  also have  been added as the faces of Alexina and Amandalynn. 

As you read let your imagination take you below the waves to a place where golden sand surrounds you as you dance through Jorjenia's adventure.

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