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Kelly Wills began her dancing training at age seven in Tallahassee, Florida.  At sixteen, she won first place in the senior division competition in the Performing Arts Showcase at the Dance Educators of America Southeastern Regional in Atlanta, Georgia.  This sparked a desire to work toward a Broadway career.  Her love for a young man, Lance, won out over her desire for Broadway.  They were married and she followed him through his U.S. Air Force career for 24 years and four beautiful children.  Following his retirement she opened her very own dance studio in Abbeville, Alabama.  She continues to teach dance in Eufaula, Alabama at Kelly Wills School of Dance. Ms. Kelly, as her students call her, wrote "The Golden Pearl Kingdom" as a Ballet which her dance students performed.  She has turned her story into a book that everyone can read and image themselves dancing under the waves on the golden sands of the Pearl Kingdom. 

Photo by Cashwell Photography 

Ms. Kelly and her beautiful daughter and editor


Ms Kelly's Granddaughter, Jorja as a baby Peqarl in the 2009 Ballet
Ms. Kelly's Granddaughter Addison as Addarinia in the 2009 Ballet
Meet our Artist 

Theresa Fisher is well known for her watercolors and her ability to bring history to life in her paintings. She has illustrated serval children's books.  "The Adventures of Lily" and "Trent and The Missing Mouse", both in private collections. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Valdosta State College. She also has an Art Studio in Eufaula, Alabama where she is a freelance artist and offers art classes.  She has been in various exhibitions throughout the Wiregrass Area and has been featured in the November and December issue of the Wiregrass Living magazine. She has art work in several collections in 48 States of the United States and other countries such as Belgium, Germany and Canada. She also has work in a private collection of an U.S. Senator and TV personality.  Theresafisherstudio.com

Photo by Cashwell Photography  

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